Predicting where top Packers free agents will sign in 2024

Where could prospective Green Bay Packers free agents wind up in 2024?
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Keisean Nixon: Los Angeles Rams

As the Green Bay Packers prepare for a potential reset in the secondary this offseason, one name to watch is Keisean Nixon. Nixon made himself an All-Pro in his first year as a member of the Green Bay Packers, and his ascent was nothing short of shocking. Nixon was only given six opportunities to return kicks as a member of the Raiders, where he had previously spent three seasons.

Apparently, he had some serious untapped potential there, and it was potential that special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia had obviously taken note of. Both Nixon and Bisaccia joined the Packers in the 2022 offseason, and both were previously members of the Raiders organization. What's odd is that despite having Nixon on the roster, six different players returned kicks for Las Vegas in 2021, and not one of them was Nixon.

Whether it was something Bisaccia noticed in practices or untapped potential, either way, the Packers unearthed something in Nixon, who has been very productive as a return man. And I think that quality will be attractive to prospective teams in 2024.

The Los Angeles Rams had the muzzle put on in 2023 as far as making offseason moves. They focused on the NFL Draft instead of making blockbuster trades and free-agent acquisitions. I think Les Snead (Rams GM) will be able to make more aggressive moves in 2024 and I could see a match between Nixon and Los Angeles.

Nixon is a Los Angeles native, so this would be a homecoming for him. The Rams rank dead last in the NFL this season in kickoff return yardage, and 31st in average yards per return. That hidden yardage can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing games.