Ranking the NFL divisional playoff quarterbacks: Here comes Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers
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6. Jared Goff, Lions

I really admire the way Jared Goff has played this season for the Detroit Lions, and the last handful of seasons since the trade that sent Matthew Stafford to the Rams.

That can't have been easy for Goff, but he has embraced the Lions and the Lions have embraced him as well. He's functioning well as their starter, especially when he limits mistakes. Goff spreads the ball around to his targets, he's on time, he's accurate, and he's capable of lighting you up if you give him time behind that stellar offensive line.

But there are limitations to Goff's game compared to some of the other QBs in the playoffs, even though he and the Lions are capable of beating just about anyone.

5. C.J. Stroud, Texans

Forget just a top-five QB in the playoffs -- I think a lot of people would jump on the bandwagon of saying Houston Texans rookie C.J. Stroud is one of the top five QBs in the game overall today. Stroud has been phenomenal in his first year with Houston, showing off his playmaking ability to every level of the field, his mental toughness, and physical toughness as well.

The Texans have a shot of going into Baltimore and getting an upset win because of him. He has absolutely torched two of the better defenses in the league the last couple of weeks (Browns, Colts), and has likely already cemented NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year status.