Top 30 free agents the Packers should target in 2024

Which free agents should be on the Packers' radar in 2024?

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Ezra Cleveland, OL, Jaguars

Ezra Cleveland was traded by the Minnesota Vikings at this season's deadline, and he's gotten a nice opportunity with the Jacksonville Jaguars, given some of their injuries and issues up front.

Things definitely didn't go well for Cleveland with the Vikings overall, but he had moments, and, frankly, might have been playing out of position. Although he's played guard in the NFL, I evaluated Cleveland as a pretty good-looking option at the left tackle position.

There are always going to be offensive line-needy teams out there, but the Packers should call on Cleveland and see if he'd be willing to give them a look at both tackle and guard. Perhaps he could be their top swingman off the sideline.

Trent Brown, OT, Patriots

Off-field issues could prevent the Packers from looking his direction completely, but if Green Bay does want to look to free agency for a potential starter at the left tackle position, I think Trent Brown is one of the best available.

This may not be a player the Packers want to accommodate, however. Brown's on-field ability makes his off-field stuff all the more frustrating. You've got to really evaluate the person here, and it might require the Packers getting desperate to sign this guy.

But still, an intriguing option nonetheless.