Green Bay Packers Rookies: How Will They Do in 2014?

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Round 7 – [Pick 21]: Jeff Janis, WR

Number three of three for WR draft picks, Janis brings some positives to the table, enough that he probably should have been drafted sooner if not for the glut of overall (and especially WR) talent spread throughout the draft.

He has strong measurables and produced well in college. His size and jumping ability make him a good red-zone target, and his quick acceleration can help him get open for quick passes. Despite his size, however, he has somewhat small hands and hasn’t shown himself to do well catching in traffic, and his route-running will need work if he is to ever become a consistently viable option in the passing game.


As with the other WRs, competition will make things highly difficult for seeing the field or making the roster in general. Because of that issue with catching in traffic I don’t see much chance of using him in the slot, so he would have to hope for outside work, which is mainly Nelson’s domain.

A majority of other WRs would seem to have more viable versatility in potentially working both inside and outside, which also hurts Janis here. Because of that, and the fact that there is only at most one potential WR roster spot at this point (which I think could end up being used more for the glut of TE talent anyway), I don’t see him making the roster.

Joining Goodson on the practice squad sounds like a good bet though, and is what I see as the most likely scenario.