The Green Bay Packers fan base benefit package: QB


Watching the Cleveland Browns play the Washington Redskins in preseason battle has really opened my eyes and given me some time to reflect on the Green Bay Packers‘ quarterback situation.

Packers fans across the country have been given the gift of a constant quarterback dating back to the late 1950s. Most teams in the NFL struggle to find a starting quarterback on a year-to-year basis.

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Just open up a Packers history book and this is what you will find.

Nearly every year from 1957 stretching all the way into 1970, Bart Starr was Green Bay Packers football. The man coined one of the most “infamous” plays in football history with his quarterback sneak for a touchdown in the Ice Bowl. Not to mention bringing multiple championships to the Vince Lombardi era. Starr also led the Packers to wins Super Bowls I and II.

Lynn Dickey

played 10 years for the Green Bay Packers” width=”213″ height=”219″ /> Lynn Dickey played 10 years for the Green Bay Packers

Exit Starr, and the Packers didn’t see much success over the next decade-plus, but lo-and-behold another rock at quarterback developed. Lynn Dickey was a familiar face from 1976 through 1985. Dickey had the Packers’ record for yards in a season (4,458) up until Aaron Rodgers broke it in 2011. During that 1983 season, Dickey also threw for 32 touchdowns which was tops in the NFL.

Who holds the record for most yards in a regular season game? Matt Flynn – who broke Dickey’s record of 418 yards with his 480-yard performance, which made him a very rich man.

So, we have covered the 50s, 60s, 70s and even the 80s.

Who would step in for the Packers to cover the 90s?

Kiln, Miss., native Brett Favre came over in one of Ron Wolf’s greatest instinctive trades of all-time. Falcons coach Jerry Glanville once described the young gunslinger as a train wreck. Favre would go on to rewrite both the Green Bay Packers and the NFL record books.

Favre brought the Lombardi Trophy back to Packers News with a Super Bowl XXXI victory over the New England Patriots.
Though this would be his only championship, his story was far from finished.

The “Gunslinger” would go on to be the all-time NFL record-holder for touchdowns, yards, completions, starts, wins and the one that kept us up at night, interceptions. Brett Favre was the definition of an Iron Man. When Sunday rolled around there was no doubt that #4 would be under center. The man gave his everything to the fan base, and one would hope come 2015 when he gets his place in Packers history, that will be remembered.

Brett Favre is done throwing passes to players, but we wonder about his work with his cell phone.

Raymond T. Rivard photograph

When Favre elected to play the day after his dad had passed, I could feel something electric in the air. I watched this game with my dad who since has also passed the same way “Big Irv” went. Tears filled my eyes just as they did Favre’s who put on possibly the best performance of his career.

Anyone who questions Favre should really have their pulse checked, because it has stopped.

How do you replace Brett Favre? You bring in perhaps the most accurate passer we have seen in history.

Insert Aaron Rodgers who took over play-calling duties in 2008 and still carries it into the 2014 season.

Rodgers took the 2010 Green Bay Packers back to the glory land and brought the Lombardi back home.

Along the way, Rodgers has become one of the most accurate, pin-point passers of all-time. Not only does Rodgers have the highest QB rating of all-time at 104.9 but it is the only current rating over 100.

If that is not enough, Aaron Rodgers also has the best touchdown-to-interception rating in NFL history at 3.62. The videos that surface of Rodgers putting it in a net from 60-plus yards are not a Powerade commercial but a true display of his accuracy.

So, as you watch this preseason and even the “War Rooms” of most NFL teams, be very thankful you are a fan of the Pack – a team that you can hang your hat on as the staple point of the team being under center.

Many fans across the NFL may read this and ask why. The answer is simple.

Who owns the Green Bay Packers?

We do!

I am, however, interested … please feel free to list your Packers All-Time QB depth chart in the comments section below.