Green Bay Packers: One-on-One with

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Aaron Rodgers. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

LombardiAve: Ranking 22nd in the NFL while giving up 252 yards per game passing, do you think the Eagles defense will be able to contain Aaron Rodgers?

Insidetheiggles: What a great question.

The Eagles have moments of struggling against the pass, but they also shine as well. They have collared Colin Kaepernick, Andrew Luck, and Eli Manning, while giving career games up to Kirk Cousins and Austin Davis. Much of the passing yards surrendered is due to the pressure the Eagles offense places on opposing team offenses to “keep up.”

I don’t think the Eagles defense shuts down Aaron Rodgers by any means. But I think the Eagles can time blitzes, coverages, and defensive schemes to disrupt the offense.

The Eagles have a nice reserve of players that rotate in during the game who could start on many teams – Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, Nolan Carroll, Brandon Boykin, Beau Allen, Brandon Bair, Emmanuel Acho.  It’s that platooning that helps keep the team fresh and keep pressure up until the end of the game.

Rodgers does not make many mistakes. Hopefully, the Eagles will not as well. If the Eagles can protect the ball on their offense, I think the defense can make enough plays to make this a winnable game.