I told my wife after Sunday's demolition of that football team once known as t..."/>

I told my wife after Sunday's demolition of that football team once known as t..."/>

Green Bay Packers: The morning after

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Finally winning a big game against team with winning record

As reported by Paul Imig, Fox Sports

The knock against the Green Bay Packers has been that they can’t win the big games against top-tier teams.

Sure, they’ve been beating up on the likes of the New York Jets, Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers.

But they hadn’t beaten a team with playoff capabilities in like a couple of seasons.

Until Sunday.

Here’s how Paul Imig wrote about it on Sunday …

"Sunday’s game against the 7-2 Philadelphia Eagles should have provided the Packers a stiffer challenge. Philadelphia had been a very good team this season that ranked near the top of the league on offense, defense and special teams. The playoffs are almost surely in their future, whether as the NFC East winner or as a wild-card team. The 53-20 final score doesn’t even do complete justice to how much the Packers outplayed Philadelphia. This game was decided before halftime when Eddie Lacy’s one-yard touchdown run gave Green Bay a 30-3 lead. If there was any doubt how good the Packers were, a win like this should make it clear that this is a team with Super Bowl-caliber talent."

And here is how Aaron Rodgers described Sunday’s win and how it impacts this Packers team:

"“This was important to gauge where we’re at, playing against a top-tier team that’s leading the division, to see how we match up against a good team like that. Because we’ve beaten some teams with losing records and blown them out. So this was the kind of win we needed to just remind ourselves and our fans and the league that we are a good football team, and it’s tough to play here.” “We’re playing really well right now. This is the kind of stretch you want to be on at this point in the season, when things are starting to sort themselves out. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re putting ourselves in position to be in the mix, and obviously around here it’s about winning division titles, getting a home playoff game and taking care of the advantage that we have here at home with the weather, with the way the weather affects the football and the footing.”"