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Green Bay Packers Week 11: ‘Silver Linings’

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Guard Josh Sitton has helped lead the Green Bay Packers’ offensive line. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Offensive Line

The O-line is getting special honors today for the ability to perform under stress and duress. With a hobbled Lang and Sitton, the guard position looked unstable.

However, both men showed up last week and played admirably, repeating that this week against a very talented Eagles defensive line, featuring Connor Barwin (who has 9 sacks).

Barwin, who had a big night against the Panthers, was all but muted against the offensive line. In fact, Chip Kelly lamented not being able to dirty Rodgers’ jersey at all.

When the Eagles blitzed, Rodgers cleared the ball out early, when they rushed four, the offensive line held respectively. Rodgers had all day to throw.