Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings: View from the enemy camp

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Being a Vikings fan is in the blood

Lombardi Ave: So Adam, before we get started, tell the readers a little something about yourself and how you started pulling for the Minnesota Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith (22). Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Viking Age: I started learning about football from my grandfather while living in Duluth, Minn. We’d listen to all Minnesota sports games in the garage while we worked on cars, processing meat, or even doing some woodworking.

Perhaps one of the happiest moments for my grandfather and I was when we were able to listen to the Minnesota Twins win the World Series twice together, but we never got to see the Vikings win the big one.

My grandfather listened every year to the Vikings, hoping that each year would be the big one for Minnesota. Instead, we were treated to heartbreak year after year.

When my grandfather passed away several years ago, I took it as my own personal mission to stay devoted to the team and continue pushing for the Vikings to bring home a Super Bowl win.