Green Bay Packers: Top 10 offensive linemen of all time

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This turned into a tough assignment as there are 31 lineman who have played for the Green Bay Packers – linemen who have either been inducted into the Green Bay Packers and/or the Pro Football halls of fame.

In addition, there are some modern day linemen who were quite good that have not yet been selected to the Packers Hall of Fame, such as Chad Clifton.

Players of different eras are difficult to compare. The game has morphed into something unimagined by the early founders. Throughout NFL history the Packers’ storied franchise was always innovative and trendsetting. Curly Lambeau is credited with bringing the forward pass to the NFL from Notre Dame. With that innovation, the game changed and so did the position of offensive lineman.

In the end, players are indeed measured by their performance against their peers over the life of their careers. Players are recognized by being selected as All-Pro, being NFL champions, being selected to All-Decade teams and being inducted to the Hall of Fame.

Early players were ironmen, often playing all 60 minutes of a game. They were recognized for their toughness and durability. Modern day players are bigger and faster. Early players had jobs outside football that often paid more than the game day checks they received. Modern day stars earn multi-million dollar contracts.

Before we get to Packers Top 10 offensive linemen let’s recognize the best by decade:

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