Green Bay Packers kickoff: What James Jones brings

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James Jones.

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James Jones: The veteran

Jones adds a veteran presence to a very young WR corps.

With a locker room full of second- and first-year wide receivers, James Jones will be a helping hand. His contract is only through this year and he has got to know that the Packers will not be able to retain him on the roster further.

For that reason, he should use this as an opportunity to train the newer recruits in the way that a veteran player should.

Jones can be helpful in getting the new guys in the spots they should be in, at the time they should be there.

Timing routes, getting in Rodgers’ head on every play, these are things that Jones has already mastered and can help pass along. He is a good guy, a team player and a viable teacher in the locker room.

Tramon Williams once said that it was difficult having such a young team, sometimes – there aren’t as many players to show the young kids the ropes.

Jones will provide that over the course of the year.