Green Bay Packers kickoff: What James Jones brings

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James Jones

James Jones: Healthy and ready

Jones is healthy, hardy and only a year removed from Green Bay.

Jones hasn’t had any time off since leaving Green Bay. He put forth a valiant effort in Oakland, still wracking up 666 yards and 74 catches. He spent time with the Giants this offseason and seemed to thrive under old assistant coach Ben McAdoo.

Surprisingly, the Giants released Jones with the final cuts, after he put forth a solid showing in preseason. He was expected to be cut by the Giants as Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham Jr. are their go-to guys, but … the Packers are grateful that they kept Jones active and in football shape.

While he was with the Packers, Jones was a hardy player. He didn’t miss many games, didn’t suffer many injuries.

He was exactly what you’d want in a WR from a health standpoint. Unlike the likes of what the Packers are dealing with now at the position, Jones has a good chance to come in and make a difference for the long haul.

He’s low risk and high reward for the Packers.

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