Green Bay Packers: Top 30 moments in franchise history

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3. The first championship triplet: 1929–1931

Mike MichalskeJohnny (Blood) McNallyCal Hubbard and Green Bay native  led the Packers to championships in three straight seasons, starting with the first in 1929.

Under the guidance of Curly Lambeau at the height of his days in Green Bay, the Packers finished second in 1927, had a down year in 1928 and then won it all in 1929.

Defense is what won games for this team. In all, they had eight shutouts.

Because of the defense and a revolutionary offense, these Packers teams had some great seasons. The guys mentioned above – Michalske, McNally, Hubbard and Herber – helped carry this team in the early days of the game.

Imagine how these players would fare in today’s game.

These teams helped revolutionize the game and helped to set the base for fan popularity that has taken decades and years to develop.

One of the many most impressive accomplishments of the Packers players and coaches during these years was the team’s streak of 30 consecutive home games without defeat.

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