Packers: Why the front office changes are a good idea

Green Bay Packers, Dom Capers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Dom Capers (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Why the Green Bay Packers’ front office shakeup comes at the right time.

The Packers have made few major changes to their front office.

Prior to the recent shakeups, Ted Thompson joined the team as the general manager in 2005, Mike McCarthy became head coach in 2006 and Dom Capers joined as the defensive coordinator since 2009.

While McCarthy still has his position, the other two do not. Capers is no longer with the team and Thompson is now Senior Advisor to Football Operations.

These changes are ones that have felt necessary for a few seasons now.

Lombardi Ave’s own Joe D’Aloisio wrote about the in-house GM candidates to replace Thompson. All of those names have spent significant time with the Packers already.

However, the Packers are still making staff changes, as offensive coordinator Edgar Bennett and quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt have also been fired.

Why is this a good thing for the team, though?

Let’s face it, the Packers fell apart when injuries hit this season, especially with Aaron Rodgers breaking his collarbone. Losing your star QB is never great, but the Packers couldn’t even really get by without him.

The defense hasn’t been great, either. Clay Matthews has spent a lot of time on the sidelines, too.

The Packers needed to do something to remedy their woes and starting with a fresh front office could be the spark they need to get going again.

Rodgers has the offseason to get back into better playing shape and the new front office will have time to decide what to do with the players they have.

Green Bay has been so reliant on developing guys from the draft, but it just might be time to spend some money on bringing in other players who will actually have an impact next season.

Sometimes all a team needs is a fresh start to get back to their elite status. While McCarthy remains, changing up the GM position is certainly a big enough move to make a difference if they find the right fit.

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Here’s to hoping the Packers have a better 2018 with all of the new changes to come.