Packers: Three duds from Week 11 loss against Colts

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Aaron Jones has been quiet for the Packers since his return

Dud #2: Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones really wasn’t featured all that much in this game which is interesting since the Packers were leading for a lot of it. Green Bay is normally a very balanced team when it comes to running and passing the ball but on Sunday they passed it 20 more times than they ran it.

Jones has been great in Matt LaFleur’s offense but since his return against the 49ers, he has not looked like his normal self. He came out of the gate strong in that game but hasn’t done much since.

Green Bay may just be trying to save him for the playoffs but that then begs the question of why weren’t they running it more with Williams, who has been fantastic when called upon this season. Jones may very well have still been nursing his injury when he came back against the 49ers; there was a lot of speculation on whether or not he would play that game.

You can also argue that if Williams and AJ Dillon had been able to go, maybe Jones wouldn’t have even come back in that game. If they are keeping him fresh for the playoffs I personally have no problem with it. He’s the team’s best skill player, other than Adams, and Jones has had some health issues in the past.

Still, you have to wonder why he wasn’t as featured in this game and whether or not it would have made an impact.