We have to commend Aaron Rodgers for trying to keep up morale

Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images)
Green Bay Packers, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images) /

And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I know that Aaron Rodgers was visibly upset as the Green Bay Packers‘ loss against the Detroit Lions on Sunday progressed—every painful moment of it—letting his emotions be known quite clearly as the turmoil unfolded.

But in all seriousness, comments he made after the game show he’s still hopeful despite it all, and in the end, that’s a good thing.

Say what you will about Rodgers. I mean, in recent articles you and I, dear readers, have been through the litany of adjectives used to describe this man by some, ‘arrogant’ perhaps being the most used (and not by me).

But he didn’t look all that arrogant on that phone call on the sidelines that was captured by cameras on game day and seen by one and all.

To me, he seemed instead like a student who has done wrong perhaps, and is being admonished by a teacher he actually respects. He did slam the phone down pretty hard, but it seemed more in frustration with himself than with whomever he was speaking.

Did he have a bad game? Yes, he’s had a string of them, as you all know, but that goes for the rest of the team as well, and as we discussed last time, for head coach Matt LaFleur as well.

LaFleur needs to be held accountable for the decisions he’s made this far as well… but we won’t go down that avenue this time; not again.

We’ll call a spade a spade: He did throw three interceptions in the losing effort to the Detroit Lions—a game that ended 15 to 9 in favor of the Lions—and no, that isn’t good at all. And according to Sports Illustrated, this I something he hasn’t done since 2017.

And there are those naysayers out there—even some fans of the Packers—that are now believing that the season’s over and done with this early in.

My dad always says in his native Italian, “Il buongiorno si vede della matina,” which in English essentially is: “You can always tell if it’ll be a good day as early as the morning.”

Is this the case for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers and for us fans? Or, will a strong wind suddenly pass on by and whip those dark clouds from over the horizon? If you ask Aaron Rodgers, this possibility is still out there.

"“When I decided to come back it was all-in, and I don’t make decisions and then hindsight 20/20 have regrets about big decisions like that…So it was all-in, and this is a lot of life lessons for sure this year. But luckily it’s not over. There’s a lot of games left. We’ll be counted out — probably by many. And we’ll see how we respond.”"

I mean, heck…who do you want in that QB position? Somebody who throws in the towel way too early, or the guy that grits his teeth, admonishes himself and his peers (and even his superiors) for the mistakes made and still there lies a hope in his heart?

I mean, that’s Aaron Rodgers to a T right about now, and as is quite clear based on those above comments.

Aaron Rodgers should be commended for these feelings at this stage of the season, and yes, even after the Packers’ five straight losses.

We’re not talking about if or when these guys can collectively turn it round. We’re merely talking about faith…something Aaron Rodgers is showing quite a lot of at this perilous moment for a team that’s drenched in a history of facing adversity and eventually coming out on top.

“If you lose faith, you lose all.” – Eleanor Roosevelt