David Bakhtiari drops massive hint about potential reunion with Packers

This might just make the most sense.
Green Bay Packers tackle David Bakhtiari
Green Bay Packers tackle David Bakhtiari / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

The longer former Green Bay Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari sits in free agency, and the closer we get to training camp, the more you can't help but wonder -- could Bakhtiari return to the Packers in 2024?

Well, he recently dropped a massive hint that could lead to this possibility becoming a reality, and the Packers' current offensive line situation could ultimately make it make a lot of sense.

Bakhtiari recently stated on Adam Schefter's podcast that he wants to play with the "next Super Bowl MVP." Of course, everyone's mind starts running to possibilities when he says something like that. Does he want to play with Patrick Mahomes? Lamar Jackson? Aaron Rodgers and the Jets don't make sense after signing Tyron Smith, trading for Morgan Moses, and drafting Olu Fashanu. The Jets reunion is likely off the table.

The obvious list of potential Super Bowl MVP candidates this coming season is certainly not a long one, not when you factor in teams that could realistically be looking for someone like Bakhtiari to come in and play left tackle this season. Essentially, Bakhtiari has ruled out a lot of potential suitors with his statement.

Why a Packers reunion makes the most sense for David Bakhtiari

So here's the question: What about Jordan Love? What about the Green Bay Packers?

Whlle Bakhtiari told Schefter it's unlikely because the Packers cut him, their decision was financial and not due to his ability to play at an All-Pro level.

The Packers might actually make the most sense, and it could make sense for both sides -- not just Bakhtiari, who is obviously looking for a job and putting himself out there. Let's talk about the boxes being checked here.

The Packers were arguably a missed kick away from going on the road and upsetting the eventual NFC-champion San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs. Jordan Love was second in the NFL in touchdown passes last season and there are many out there in the football media world who believe (and rightly so) that Love could blossom into a top-five overall player at the quarterback position.

If Bakhtiari wants to play with the next Super Bowl MVP, what if that's Love?

From the Packers' perspective, having Bakhtiari back could give them the ideal starting five up front. They could slide Bakhtiari into the left tackle position, move Rasheed Walker to the right tackle spot, and have Zach Tom play center.

Sorry, Josh Myers, but Tom might be the best center on the roster right now... There are people within the Packers' organization who reportedly believe that Tom can be a "Hall of Fame" caliber center. If that's the case, the Packers might be spending this offseason downtime discussing every possibility of the best starting five they can realistically conjure up.

Having Bakhtiari around would give first-round pick Jordan Morgan another great veteran voice and mentor for a year. The Packers could comfortably slot Morgan as a guard or even as a backup for a season, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he continues to struggle a little bit.

This late in the offseason, you also know that the price is going to be right when it comes to someone like Bakhtiari. His injury history dictates he will have to take a team-friendly price, and frankly, he's already on the books for the Packers at over $19 million in dead cap. Since he's already on the books, you might as well add him back to the roster at a team-friendly price and see if he can stay healthy again.

The Packers have enough guys up front and versatility among those players to be able to survive and even thrive if Bakhtiari does miss time due to injury.

Given Bakhtiari's desire to play for a contender and the Packers' current situation up front offensively, it might just make the most sense for these two to reunite in 2024 for one last dance.

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