Packers grades for biggest free agency moves including Josh Jacobs signing

The Green Bay Packers made some unexpected splashes in the first wave of NFL free agency.

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4. Releasing Aaron Jones

If there's one bone I have to pick with GM Brian Gutekunst, it's not allowing us the joy of seeing Josh Jacobs and Aaron Jones tear it up together in Green Bay for a season.

Jones has always worked best as a tandem back. Most runners in today's NFL do. But I get it. The Packers aren't paying Josh Jacobs $12 million per year to carry the ball 12 times a game. It just would have been a lot of fun.

Therefore, I can't be too hard on this move, although it's definitely the one I'm most critical of. If you're going all in, just go all in. You know what I'm saying? The Packers will save cap space with this move, but with the depth of the running back market, they weren't even able to trade Jones. And he went to the Vikings, which makes it way worse.

Grade: C-

5. Releasing David Bakhtiari

Even without the emergence of Rasheed Walker this past season, the writing was on the wall for this move. The opportunity to clear $20 million in cap space with the release of Bakhtiari was a no-brainer for the Packers, and there's no guarantee that Bakhtiari is even going to be able to play anywhere.

He has done such a great job in his time with Green Bay, but it was time for everyone to move on.

Grade: A