10 prospects the Packers will regret passing on in the 2024 NFL Draft

Which players are the Packers going to regret passing on?
Cooper DeJean
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The 2024 NFL Draft was a pretty resounding success for the Green Bay Packers, but you always have to take a glance at what could have been shortly after the draft's conclusion. Thankfully, nobody really cares anymore after these guys all get out there on the field. Nobody's ever looking back on the NFL Draft and complaining about players the Packers could have taken instead of the guys they actually drafted.


All kidding aside, before the revisionist history and "hindsight is always 20/20" takes start pouring in just a few months from now, what players did the Packers potentially make a mistake by passing on in this draft?

Given the fact that Green Bay came into this draft with 11 selections overall, the number of players they missed out on is actually pretty high. We won't know for sure until they get out on the field and play, but here are some names GM Brian Gutekunst might be kicking himself over missing.

1. Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

The most frequently picked player to the Green Bay Packers in mock draft scenarios had to be Iowa's Cooper DeJean. DeJean is athletic (which we know the Packers love), he's versatile (which we know the Packers love), and Green Bay literally just took a player from Iowa in the first round last year (Lukas Van Ness), so they've undoubtedly done advanced scouting on DeJean well before now.

You can tell the Packers missed out on DeJean and were poised to select him based on the fact that when the Eagles jumped them at pick #40 overall, Green Bay immediately traded a few spots back to select Edgerrin Cooper. The question is -- why did the Packers not just trade up a couple of spots to secure DeJean for themselves before the Eagles could make it happen?