Predicting where top Packers free agents will sign in 2024

Where could prospective Green Bay Packers free agents wind up in 2024?
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Rudy Ford: Atlanta Falcons

You never know what can happen in the NFL offseason, and things will change drastically between now and when free agency hits as far as what coaches land where, but I could definitely see a scenario in which Rudy Ford reunites with former Packers defensive backs coach/passing game coordinator Jerry Gray.

As of this moment in time, Gray is on the staff of the Atlanta Falcons, and it just so happens that Ford is also an Alabama native, so he'd be about three hours from where he was born and just over 100 miles away from where he played his college ball at Auburn.

At this point, you view Ford as a year-to-year player, and I think the Falcons would not mind taking a chance on him in 2024 on a one-year deal. He's got six career interceptions, five of which have come over the last two seasons. Not only that, but Rudy Ford has also played a lot of special teams over the course of his career, so he has added value in that way.

I think he'll get a decent deal in free agency, but he could end up signing for $6 million per year or less. Either way, he should be a bargain for the Packers or any other team to take on with a short-term deal.